Thursday, October 5, 2017

Full Moon and Chocolate Macaroons

Hey friends!

Happy Full Moon!

This is going to be a quick post because it's almost midnight.

I'm sensitive to energy and so the Full Moon makes me feel things intensely. This also lines up with my monthly cycle so it's a time to treat myself gently and do things I enjoy. That mostly means eating chocolate and ecstatic dance in the living room.

I grabbed some gorgeous chocolate macaroons on the way home from work.

These were perfectly chocolate-y and coconut-y. 

Bonus shot of my supper at work. Another Goddess Bowl plus a really creamy chocolate, avocado, almond butter smoothie that really hit the spot. I was so craving some healthy fats!

Wishing you a safe and reflective Full Moon.

May all beings be happy, healthy and free.

Elyse xo

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Leftovers and Finding Joyful Moments

Hey friends!

I've been taking the time to sit in meditation for 15 minutes in the morning. I guess it's more kind of a lying meditation because I'm on the couch, but I'm making the effort to silence my mind and connect to my breath.

I have a crystal sitting in the widow and one of my daily joys is getting to see the moment when the sun shines through it and throws rainbows all over the walls and ceiling.

 I'm really grateful for green juice in the morning and the energy it gives me. I'm still feeling the coffee pull but as it's been leaving me anxious I'm feeling less inclined to indulge. I like the taste but dealing with an anxious mind for hours or the jitters is no fun.

 I didn't have a lot of options in the fridge for breakfast so opted for leftover soup. It actually felt really nourishing to have soup in the morning. Often I want something savoury but not too heavy and this was perfect.

This week I'm trying to hydrate more too by always having a mason jar of water in my sight.

I'm starting to plan food for the cleanse so hopefully the next few weeks of MoFo will be less winging it and more of a plan.

Lunch was more leftovers heated up with some fried mushrooms and smokey tempeh. My green drink was a mix of spirulina and greens powder. When I'm in a rush that is my go-to green drink!

I'm feeling kind of tired but also excited for this new adventure.

Hope your day is full of beauty and sychronicity,

Elyse xo

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Green Juice and Good Food

 Hey friends,

I started the day with a coffee. I love the smell of it in the morning and I love the ritual of a hot drink to wake up my body after sleeping. Though after eating clean yesterday I was definitely more sensitive to the caffeine today. Something felt off. Thankfully there were ingredients for a green juice already in the fridge and I've committed myself to at least one green juice per day, so I had no excuses. Plus, I think green juice is the great balancer.

I immediately feel more energized and positive when I drink it. I love that it is essentially liquid sunshine and nutrition going straight to the cells of my body.

Every time I make a green juice I think of Jason Vale in Hungry for Change saying "add a little bit of pineapple, a little bit of lime, you can jazz up some of these juices so that they taste divine." He was not lying. (If you haven't checked out that amazing health documentary yet, do it.)

I was still hungry so I grabbed some seed flatbread and topped it with cashew butter and apple. This was a really satisfying snack.

 For lunch I had another green juice and a bowl of Love & Barley soup. This soup is one of my favourite things about the cooler weather.

I decided to eat in the living room, near an open window, instead of on the couch watching tv. I decided to see what it was like to be present with myself while I was nourishing my body instead of just eating as fast as I could or distracting myself with tv or music.

I took the time to smell my food, look at it, give thanks for it and settle into the process of enjoying it.

It was eating as a meditation.

So it shouldn't have surprised me that my monkey mind immediately started looking for something to worry about, something to be scared of. This time I'm not sure what changed but I was able to face it. Instead of distracting myself I looked at those fears and reminded myself they weren't real.

I am safe and I am loved and everything is always working out for the highest good.

Then I was able to really laugh at myself because I remembered that is the filter caffeine puts on my world.

And the the anxiety lifted, almost at once, after just a minute.

I believe the food we eat impacts not only how we feel in our bodies but how we see and interact with the world around us.

I finished my day with this beautiful mish-mash of a Goddess Bowl, with 60/40 ratio raw veggies to cooked food. It was spring mix, red cabbage, carrot, daikon, kale, quinoa, roasted yam, tempeh. Plus salsa, guac and flat bread.

I'm feeling tired but good. I'm feeling pulled to spend more time in nature. I'm feeling excited to plan out food to make when the cleanse starts next week.

Baby steps lead to momentum and momentum leads to change!

I truly believe that because I've lived it.  The last year has been a journey of transformation for me, but more on that later.

Elyse xo

Monday, October 2, 2017

Intentions and Nourishment - Happy Vegan MoFo 2017!

Hey friends!

I had such a plan for yesterday. Day One. I set my alarm early to give myself time to sit and pause and set my intention for the day and the coming month. I was going to drink a litre of lemon water, meditate, do some gentle stretching and feel myself into a place of excitement and purpose.

Instead, I woke up feeling rested but went into an immediate panic because it was 6:50am and I was scheduled to work at 7am. I rushed around, I got kind of teary and I so wanted a coffee. Coffee makes mornings better. But start as you mean to continue, right?

So instead I grabbed a hot herbal tea from Starbucks.

Do the best you can, where you are, with what you've got.

On the plus side, I got to see the sunrise over the city. 

I made it to work by 8am with no casualties and felt some gratitude that I work in a spot with a fridge full of cold pressed juices.

Green juice is gold this month.

After two juices, a beautiful detox water (cilantro, lime and cayenne - savoury and amazing), and zero caffeine, I definitely had a headache and a bit of a body chill but I'm familiar with this feeling at the beginning of a cleanse. The part where you feel kind of crappy but underneath you know your body is responding to the good.

For lunch I had this amazing nourish bowl filled with spring mix, shredded beet and carrot, sprouted mung beans, quinoa, falafel balls, sprouts and seed flatbread. It felt so good to be eating lots of fresh veggies again and taking the time to nourish my body.

I had a major melt down around 6pm.

Part of cleansing is dealing with the yucky emotions that come up. I felt a lot of fear and doubt. My inner critic was in full on attack mode. I'm learning to challenge that fear-based inner voice and remind myself it's okay to feel those things but most of them aren't real.

After that crash I realized I really should give myself a wean week to come off of caffeine a little more slowly. I'm generally the kind of person who thinks Go Big or Go Home but I need to be more gentle with myself than that right now. I deserve all of the kindness I give to other people. Its funny how it's hard to treat ourselves well sometimes.

Yesterday I learned that things won't always go as planned and I have to find a way to work with them. To celebrate the opportunities instead of getting stuck in the fear. To find what flows while staying true to myself and what I want.

So here is my intention for Vegan MoFo 2017. I've been thinking for years of blogging a cleanse so that's what I'm doing. One week to wean off caffeine, sugar, gluten, fear-based thinking, self-doubt and drama. Then Kris Carr's 21-day Adventure Cleanse. I'm treating myself to a month of radical self-care, mindfulness and the journey of connecting to my bliss.

Things I'm calling into my life:
colourful, vibrant, plant-based foods
hydrating, colourful drinks
movement that I enjoy
self-care time
and deep nourishment on all levels

It will be an adventure. It might be messy, it might be beautiful, it might be intense, it might be exciting. Things won't always go as planned and that is part of the adventure. I'm going to do my best to be honest about what I'm feeling while going through the cleanse and what I think might bring value to whomever is reading this thing.

with a green juice smile and a nod to the Universe,

Elyse xo

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Red Breakfast and Early Mornings

Quick post tonight. It's past my bedtime.

This is an on-the-go breakfast that I grabbed last week.

I'm lucky enough to work near a place that sells fresh food, so I'm always able to grab juices, fruit, salads, hummus and pita, etc.

I decided to try a red juice because I hadn't really had one before. It was beet, carrot, lemon and something. Sweet but not too sweet and it was such a bright pinkish red, the picture doesn't really due it justice.

I also grabbed some watermelon, going with a red theme :)

It was light and satisfying, especially at 6:30 in the morning.

Tomorrow is another early one but I'm so happy it's going to be Friday!

Wishing you an awesome end of week,

Xo Elyse

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Spaghetti Squash and The First Day of Autumn

The abundance of different varieties of squash it one of the things that I love best about fall. Squash just feels so comforting to eat and I always feel like I'm getting a vitamin boost.

Spaghetti squash is one of my favourites.

Here I baked it, stuffed with lightly fried onion and red potato, mixed with a little olive oil, maple syrup and sea salt.

 Garnished with fresh chives right out of the oven.

Sitting down with a bowl of stuffed squash is one of my favourite ways to nourish myself as the weather gets cooler.

Hope your Wednesday has been full of nourishing food and positive thoughts,

Xo Elyse

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Seasonal Produce and Quick Supper

Today is the first morning I could feel the fall in the air. It felt refreshing.

The sun was still shining in the afternoon so I decided to go for a walk on my favourite trail.

When I got back though I was really hungry and I didn't feel like making anything for supper.

Except it's Day 22 and it's Vegan MoFo! 

I thought I would make stuffed peppers but, alas, my peppers had gone bad before I got a chance to use them.

I had already made quinoa for the stuffing though.

After rummaging through the fridge I discovered a couple of zucchinis way in the back.

So, I chopped them up, plus a couple of onions, tossed everything with a bit of olive oil, sea salt, garlic and oregano and put it in the oven (at 400 for 15 minutes, stir and then another 15min.)

It was a pretty quick meal to throw together, about 35min from idea to bowl.

Hope your day/night is full of sweet dreams and awesome veggies!

Xo Elyse