Thursday, October 5, 2017

Full Moon and Chocolate Macaroons

Hey friends!

Happy Full Moon!

This is going to be a quick post because it's almost midnight.

I'm sensitive to energy and so the Full Moon makes me feel things intensely. This also lines up with my monthly cycle so it's a time to treat myself gently and do things I enjoy. That mostly means eating chocolate and ecstatic dance in the living room.

I grabbed some gorgeous chocolate macaroons on the way home from work.

These were perfectly chocolate-y and coconut-y. 

Bonus shot of my supper at work. Another Goddess Bowl plus a really creamy chocolate, avocado, almond butter smoothie that really hit the spot. I was so craving some healthy fats!

Wishing you a safe and reflective Full Moon.

May all beings be happy, healthy and free.

Elyse xo

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