Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sushi Rolls and Sunshine

“Gratitudes” – September 3, 2013

Today I’m grateful for:

  1. This beautiful day!
  2. The cooler temperatures
  3. Feeling the sun warm on my face
  4. The sound of my honey playing acoustic guitar in the living-room
  5. Summer tomatoes
  6. Isa’s recipe for vegan mayo
  7. Toasted tomato sandwiches! 
  8. Natural toothpaste
  9. Comfortable running shoes
  10. Happy-face stickers
  11. Ear plugs
  12. Cute animal videos on youtube
  13. Our comfy bed
  14. Blendtec blenders
  15. Finding an old handbag that I was looking for
  16. Rediscovering an old playlist in itunes that I made years ago
  17. Handmade, knitted, colourful socks
  18. The green smoothie that I had for breakfast:
                                                 (with peaches, kale, basil and chia seeds)
  19. How laughing can change my mood
  20. Digital cameras
  21. Hardwood floors
  22. Realizing that true friends are just that, no matter how often you talk
  23. The smell of coffee
  24. My favourite tea mug
  25. Our “Good Things” jar
    (I repurposed an old sauerkraut jar at the beginning of the New Year and I started to write down good things that happen to us, happy moments and experiences that we'd like to remember. We'll go through them this New Year's eve as we revisit the year past and look forward to the one ahead.)
  26. Having lots of dried lentils and beans in the cupboards to cook with
  27. Seeing dragonflies dance on the breeze
  28. Dish gloves
  29. Sweet potatoes
  30. Sushi rolls
Simple or stuffed so full of veggie goodness that it spills out the sides, I love sushi rolls and nori hand wraps. They’re really great for a lunch on-the-go, road tripping or a satisfying snack. I like playing with the colours and textures that I include and this combo is my current favourite:

Sunrise Sushi Roll
Makes one big roll -- cut into 8 pieces or enjoy burrito style

1 sheet of nori
1 c brown rice
1 tsp umeboshi plum paste or more to taste
¼ avocado, sliced
2 inches cucumber, sliced
Few pieces steamed sweet potato, sliced
1 green onion, cut in half and sliced lengthwise
Grated carrot
Black sesame seeds for garnish and dipping (I love the crunch they add!)


  1. Ahhh, your post reminded me that I'd intended to make a "good things" jar this year; I'd read somewhere about the idea before the new year, and then I never did it! Maybe I should just start now...
    Also, those sushi rolls look pretty good. I've never had sushi, so I just might need to be adventurous and try it someday. :)

  2. Yeah, just start one now! I find it fun to write things on a post-it and toss it in the jar. It's nice to see a physical reminder of all the good moments you've experienced through the year, especially if you're having a rough day.

    And sushi is great! You can use pretty much anything as a filling so choose things you like and give it a try :)

    1. I don't have any empty jars lying around, but I found a tall mug to use in the meantime, so I have now officially started my collection of "good things"! Thank you so much for prompting me to finally start it, and I will definitely look into trying sushi soon! :)

    2. Yay! :) I hope it helps you to notice all of the little and big joys in your life! I've found I pay more attention to my day as I look for things I can enjoy and then write down.

  3. I too love your Good Things jar. I gave one to my husband at the start of the year, with a supply of little bits of construction paper to write on. (Ours is called "Signs and Wonders" :]). I love how full yours is! I have to admit, we haven't done a great job of remembering to write things down and add them to the jar! I really look forward to opening them all up at the end of the year, though. :)