Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Amazing Nature and Miso Soup

Hey all of you beautiful veggie lovers!

It's Day 3 already!

Today was such a lovely late-summer day that after work I went for a walk on one of my favourite nature trails. I'm lucky enough to live within easy walking distance of one of the many ravine trails that run through Toronto.

This path always makes me feel like I'm on fairytale adventure.

I stopped to say hello to one of my favourite dancing trees.

Then I found a comfy spot in Dragonfly Park to do some cloud watching. (I'm not sure what the park is actually called but I've seen a lot of amazing dragonflies there.) I took my shoes off, wiggled my toes into the cool grass, lay down on the ground and tried my best to appreciate all of the sweet scents and sights of summertime. The sky did not disappoint!

I'm feeling a little physically rundown at the moment and not quite so ambitious in the kitchen tonight (read: I am going to bed as soon as I post this) so instead here is a picture of a bowl of awesome miso soup that I wish I had right now.

(Miso soup with soba noodles, chickpeas, carrot, celery, daikon, broccoli, green onion)

This is definitely on my menu for tomorrow. With lots of tea and orange juice.

What are your go-to feel better remedies?

sending you well-wishes and sweet dreams,

xo Elyse


  1. This really makes me wish I had some miso soup too right now:) What brand/kind of miso do you recommend?

    1. I use a brand called Tradition Miso ( I choose the aged three years, organic barley one :)

  2. Sounds like you had a nice time at the park! My #1 feel-better remedy is soup (best combo: orzo, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower in a "chicken"-flavor broth). Also, tea. :)