Monday, September 15, 2014

Procrastination and Festival Food

Happy Day 15 of Vegan Mofo!

I really intended to blog every day this month. Then I was too excited to take many pictures on the first day of the food festival and kind of lost my momentum. Then it became easier to put it off for another day. One day became ten. I was sitting on my couch feeling a little down when I decided I didn't have to slowly write off the entire month with sludge-y procrastination. There are fifteen days left in the month. There is still a lot of blogging to do! And food to be eaten! And thoughts to think!

The food festival was amazing. We got there when it started on Saturday (Sept 6) and the crowds were already starting to gather.

Before I even thought of taking pictures I immediately bought and ate a Field Roast Sausage roll from APieCalypse Now!, sampled a bunch of things that still remain a blur, drank a Kale and Peach smoothie from Green Zebra Kitchen, acquired one of Bunners new Mexi-Brunch pockets and then went right for the One Love corn soup (which is when I finally remembered to snap a photo. Barely.)

This is the best corn soup I've ever tasted. Sweet and spicy and totally comforting.

I went with a list because I knew there were some things I definitely wanted to try. Others were a great surprise like the creamy, velvety Mac-No-Cheese bowl from Soul to Bowl and the awesome Lemon Ginger kombucha from Pekoe Kombucha. Both of which I enjoyed so much I didn't get a picture. MeShell included some great pics in her food festival blog post though.

I went back for Sunday (Sept 7) and tried to be slightly more diligent with the picture taking. I grabbed another green smoothie from Green Zebra (this time it was kale and strawberry) and a bowl of their Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese which I had been meaning to try since last year's festival.

I was lucky enough to get a sample from Terry's Fall Into Salad Samurai demo. The Buffalo Ranch Caesar Salad was delicious and has me really excited to get my hands on her new cookbook.

I also finally enjoyed the kale salad from Green Zebra that I had seen everyone walking around with the day before. It was very cool to be in a place where everyone was excited about kale!

It was a wonderful weekend. I wish I had taken more pictures but I'm glad I got to enjoy so many tastes in the moment, try so many new things and to feel the energy of so many other like-minded people. I especially loved that sense of connection and shared excitement. It has me wondering about vegan potlucks happening in the city.

Hope your week is off to good start!

with a nod to the universe,

xo Elyse


  1. Hey..great to see these pictures and hear more about your adventures! Can you remind me what the brand of that awesome cilantro pesto was?

    1. It was the Zesto-Pesto by Sunflower Kitchen! They're a local company based out of Scarborough. I've already bought that pesto twice since the festival!

  2. Looks like you got some pretty delicious food at the festival; glad to hear you had a nice time! Sometimes it really is better to just be in the moment and enjoy the experience, rather than worrying about getting lots of photos! :)

    1. Thank you! That makes me feel better about it :)