Friday, September 11, 2015

Food Festival Day 1 and Friday Night

The 31st Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival is here! I was so excited all day. My mom met me after work and we headed down as soon as it started (4pm.) It was her first time going and I was so excited to show her all of the great vendors and food! We're planning to go back tomorrow but here are a few highlights of things we enjoyed tonight:

Sweet potato fritters by Rawlicious. These were spiced really nicely and were served with some sort of cashew cream.

Noodles and Greens with Carbonara-style sauce by NONA Vegan Foods. Really creamy and delicious, the kale on the side was the perfect balance.

Focaccia pizza from Tori's Bakeshop after hours menu.

This AMAZING juice from Pulp&Press was definitely a highlight for me. (We finished it before I thought to take a picture!) So refreshing! A great combo of apple, fennel, pineapple, ginger and lemon.

And of course, we had countless samples, picked up coupons and enjoyed a nice evening on the waterfront.

Looking forward to heading back down tomorrow. We've already planned out different things we want to taste including some African food, locally made small-batch vegan ice cream, green smoothies and who knows what else will be there.

Wishing you a Friday night full of new adventures and good food!

Xo Elyse


  1. Everything looks awesome! Hope you have another great day! :)

  2. Everything looks and sounds amazing! If you type in 'VegFest' on the sidebar for my search window you will see a lot of the posts I did for the last 2 years for VegFest in WNY...I was in heaven, too! LOVE VegFests!