Friday, September 18, 2015

Inspiration and Jaspercat

One non-human who inspires me to eat a kinder diet is Jasper, aka Jaspercat, aka The Grey One, aka The Cuddler, aka Munchkin, aka Little Bean, aka Kiddo, aka Sweetpea.

He's more my guide, my guardian, my brother from another mother.

He protects me when I'm vulnerable, cheers me up when I'm sad, and is always ready with a contented purr and a cuddle.

Jasper even knew when I broke my knee just where I was hurt and didn't leave me 24/7 in the first few months of healing.

He has taught me many life lessons and continues to teach me more.

Like the importance of stretching, eating when I'm hungry, napping when I need it, how it's necessary to make time to play and how to offer love freely.

He is such a calm, cool, grounded little guy, and I feel very lucky that he came into my life.

I love you, Jasper!

Hope your day has been full of cute animal pictures and happy thoughts,

Xo Elyse

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