Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Late Summer Strawberries and Fall Transitions

Berries are one of the things I love best about summer and about living in this part of the world. Last year I discovered some late summer strawberries at the Farmer's market so this year I knew to look for them.

They're just as sweet and delicious are the ones you'd find in June. Almost more so. I think the variety is called Everbearing.

It's nice to have a taste of early summer as we transition into fall and remember all of the sweet sunshine-y memories that happened over the last few warmer months.

I like them best with homemade granola, on top of oatmeal or just eaten as a snack.

The end of summer always feels a bit bittersweet but I look forward to all of the beautiful colours and comfort food of fall.

Bring on the squash!

Hope your day has been full of ease and peace,

Xo Elyse

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